Meet our customer excellence officer

My passion for dealing with people and my sense of compassion landed me in this field.

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What has motivated you to work in the after-sales service?

My passion for dealing with people and my sense of compassion landed me in this field. I like to be in touch with my customers and it provides me with a feeling of satisfaction to assist them and respond to their queries. Career-wise, I previously worked in the aviation and industrial sector, particularly in the after-sales service department. What motivates me is the feeling of having achieved something at the end of the day.

Tell us about your first steps at Resiglas.

My first steps at Resiglas felt as if I entered home. You always feel some apprehension when joining a new company. But I did not expect such a warm welcome from the staff and management. I felt as if it was a big family.


What are the duties of a Customer Excellence Officer?

My role as a Customer Excellence Officer is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. I believe our real assets are our customers.

Monitoring the after sales process, managing the warranty system and proposing corrective actions after analysis of customer satisfaction surveys are some of my daily duties.

My objective is to be very efficient in terms of handling customer complaints so that they feel they are being taken care of. As the saying goes, the customer is King.

How are you an added value for the customers?

We often notice that in many companies, customers do not really know to whom they can direct their queries or complaints and they tend to be lost in this process. The Customer Excellence Officer is a post specifically designated to help the customers. My role is to follow up all the issues and ensure that they are happy & satisfied with the solution offered. Ultimately, the goal is to resolve all the customer-related issues. I also intervene when there are delays in deliveries as I act as a liaison officer between them and the relevant departments within Resiglas.

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