Salt – Sodium Chloride

Salt chlorination uses an electrolysis principle to generate chlorine from common non-iodised salt (sodium
chloride) which has been added to the pool or spa water in a measured quantity.

Before adding Pool Salt to your swimming pool you must ensure, for a most effective sanitising action that:
1. Your pH is in the range of 7.2 – 7.6. The adjustments of swimming pool water pH can be achieved by
using either POOL ACID pH- (for high pH, above 7.6) or POOL ALKALI pH+ (for low pH, below 6.8 for
Fibreglass Pool and 7.2 for Concrete Pool). Refer to our product applications and dosage.
2. Your Residual value of GRANULAR STABILISER is in the range of 30 to 60 mg/ltr.
Refer to our product applications and dosage.


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Salt – Sodium Chloride

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