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Granular Stabiliser - Resiglas

Granular Stabiliser

GRANULAR STABILISER is a useful product which prevent ultraviolet rays from intense sunlight to dissipate the free residual chlorine necessary in the swimming pool water which in turn helps for sanitisation
purposes against bacteria, algae and water borne organisms. The GRANULAR STABILISER lenghtens the
life of the sanitiser GRANULAR CHLORINE.


GRANULAR STABILISER is added periodically depending on the residual value present in the swimming
pool water after the following test.
In 10ml of swimming pool water add one capsule (Cya Test). If Water:
Stays clear :
Becomes slightly
milky :
No stabiliser in the pool water (0 mg/ltr). Add GRANULAR STABILISER as per the dosage
table below.
Residual value of GRANULAR STABILISER is approx. 30mg/ltr. You may top up
as per the dosage table below.
Becomes milky : Residual value of GRANULAR STABILISER is approx. 60 mg/ltr. No addition is required
until next test.
Note: The Residual v alue of the GRANULAR STABILISER will decrease when swimming pool water is
removed (backwash, drain, overflow) and water is added (Top up / rain). Cya test should be carried out 3 – 4
times annually or when large quantity of pool water has been removed and replaced.

Main features:
5 Kg




Granular Stabiliser

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