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This Is Resiglas

For more than 60 years, our company has supported Mauritian
families in equipping their homes, thus contributing to their well-being.
We are not product manufacturers, but quality-of-life suppliers.

Our Expertise

Discover our different product universes that will improve your quality of life.
Francois Colin - Resiglas Storage copy
In 1970, Resiglas was the first company to manufacture water tanks thus contributing to the supply of water to Mauritian households. Our technology has evolved but the know-how has remained the same.
Francois Colin - Resiglas Pool Side
Resiglas is the pioneer in fiberglass swimming pool manufacturing in the Indian Ocean. Resiglas Pool Side also offers a wide range of equipment and after-sales services. Are you ready to swim?
Francois Colin - Resiglas Nautical copy
In 1958, the first Resiglas boats sailed in Mauritian waters. Today, Resiglas Nautical combines experience and innovation to offer you the best nautical experiences.
Francois Colin - Resiglas Professional
Resiglas Professional has set itself the goal of meeting the needs of construction professionals by offering products that ensure the best standards of quality.
resiglas sustainable
With its sustainable universe, Resiglas wants to take part in making the world a better place. Discover our products that provide environmental benefits and go green with us.

Our Latest News

New products. Exciting people. Stay tuned!

Chauffe-eau solaire : allier écologie et qualité de vie

Oui, passer au vert tout en gardant le confort est possible ! Utilisant l’énergie renouvelable et inépuisable du soleil, le chauffe-eau…

Été : préparer sa piscine pour la saison estivale

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Acheter un Water tank : les questions à se poser.

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Experience AR (Augmented Reality) with Resiglas

Choosing the right swimming pool  is not always easy. To simplify the process, Resiglas provides its customers with a new 3D AR Application.