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Septic tank: how to choose the right one? - Resiglas

Septic tank: how to choose the right one?

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Septic tanks may not be great a conversation topic at  dinner parties, but they are without any doubt an important part of every establishment. Your septic system comes into play every day; turning on a tap, doing your laundry or flushing a toilet. Having a septic system that works perfectly is important to prevent inconveniences in your daily life. Here are some factors to take into consideration while choosing this essential household waste disposal unit.

What material for your septic tank?

There are 3 main types of septic tank:

  • Polyethylene 
  • Fibreglass
  • Concrete

Polyethylene septic tank is cheaper to the concrete or Fibreglass one and takes less space.  Easier to install due to its lighter weight, this material is resistant to water-based corrosion and is crack resistant. Note that there is no separator in the polyethylene septic tank.

More expensive than the polyethylene, the Fibreglass septic tank is very sturdy and durable. The material is known to last for years without getting affected by temperature change or corrosion. Also, in case of any damage, it is easier to repair compared to other septic tanks. The number of separators in the tank depends on its capacity.

The concrete septic tank is known to be durable and environment resistant. However, it is more expensive due to labour cost. Besides, installation takes longer while the concrete material is vulnerable to corrosion.


The installation process plays a key role in the durability of your tank, irrespective of the type of material you chose. 

Choosing the right capacity.

The right tank size should be determined by the amount of water your family uses each day. Choosing a septic tank of too small capacity might cause it not to work properly in the long run and cause you some expensive problems. You need to consider the number of occupants when it comes to choosing the right size septic tank for your property. Here is a guideline.  

Fibreglass septic tank:

Polyethylene septic tank: 

You should also take into consideration the amount of space available to install your septic tank. Either in front or backyards, you must consider enough room on your land for both the tank and drain field.


Signs of a malfunctioning septic system:

  • ·         Wastewater backing up on to the household drains
  • ·         Bright green, spongy grass on the drain field
  • ·         Pooling water around your septic tank
  • ·         Strong and unpleasant odour
  • ·         Muddy soil around your septic system 

Choosing the wrong tank capacity

A septic tank which is too small will not be able to cope with the amount of wastewater from your property and sewage can back up in your home. To avoid these unpleasantries, it is important to consider the right tank size. On the other hand, an oversized septic tank will not work perfectly if there is not enough amount of wastewater flowing through it.

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