Ultrafiltration Water Purifier – UF2

“Quality and purity in every drop!”

Looking for a reliable solution to purify your water? Our Ultrafiltration Water Purifier is here to deliver! With its cutting-edge filtration system, it effectively eliminates sediment, chlorine, and other unwanted particles while retaining essential minerals for a refreshing and healthy drinking experience. Enjoy the convenience of having a constant supply of clean water directly from your tap.

Filter Configuration

1st Level: PPC Composite filter element
2nd Level: Ultrafiltration membrane filter element
3rd Level: Post activated carbon filter element


Product Parameters

Inlet water quality: CWA tap water
Water inlet pressure: 0.10Mpa – 0.40Mpa
Water flow: 1.0L/min
Rated total net water capacity: 2000L
Out of the tap: 2 points


Product Description

Integrated filter
Integrated filter, easy to change the core
Horizontal extraction filter element
Horizontal extraction filter element, convenient and fast core change
Mineralized water
Retention of mineral ions in water
Large flow
1L/min large flow, no waiting for water
Energy saving and environmental protection
No waste water, no electricity consumption, hydrodynamic operation, energy saving
and environmental protection

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Ultrafiltration Water Purifier – UF2

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